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Staff Room


Head Teacher

Mrs Anna-Claire Norden

Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs Lucy Poskitt (Pupil Premium Lead)


Miss Laura McAuley

Key Stage 2

Year  5/6 – Teachers

Teaching Assistants


Mr Johnny Pawlett
(Phase Leader)

Mrs Sharon Durant

Mrs Amanda Gladwell

Mrs Helen Leonard (& M.Sup)

Mrs Heather Maloney (& M.Sup)

Mrs Julia Allen (& M.Sup)

Mrs Sarah Kent (& M.Sup)

Miss Megan Sharp (& M. Sup)


Mr Nathan O’Neill


Mr Olly Jiggins

Mrs Laura Faiers


Key Stage 2 Year  3/4 – Teachers Teaching Assistants
Swans: Mrs Rachel Sprawson (Phase Leader)

Mrs Julia Allen (& M.Sup)

Miss Jasmine Butler 

Mrs Sarah Kent (& M.Sup)

Mrs Jenny Parkes (& Senior M. Sup)

Miss Kelly Ellson (& M. Sup)

Miss Megan Sharp (& M. Sup)


Mr Matthew Thomson  

Mrs Ione Kellam


Mrs Claire Namur

Miss Jasmine Butler 

Key Stage 1


Teaching Assistants


Mrs Ali Ratcliffe

Mrs Georgina Warrington 

Mrs Marianne Howard (& M.Sup)

Mrs Nadiah (& M. Sup)

Mrs Claire Unbekandt (& M. Sup)


Mrs Ros Cowburn 
Mrs Ione Kellam 

Otters: Miss Niamh Lawton
(Phase leader)

Foundation stage 



Mrs Lucy Poskitt (Phase Leader)

Teaching Assistants





Miss Zara Cotton 


Mrs Louisa Seaden

Mrs Chloe Bennett  (& M. Sup)

Mrs Anne-Marie Leech (& M. Sup)

Mrs Natalya Moroz  (& M. Sup)

Mrs Claire Unbekandt (& M. Sup)

Miss Megan Sharp (& M. Sup)

Mrs Nadiah (& M. Sup)


PPA and Teaching cover

  • Mrs Helen Leonard (PPA) and TA in Key Stage 2
  • Mrs Alison Turian (Sports Leader)
  • Mrs Katherine Monument (PPA MFL specialist from SVC)
  • Mr Matt Thomson (PPA) and Yr3/4 Teacher
  • Mrs Lorraine Stevenson (Tutoring)

Finance and Administration

  • Mrs Wendy Whistler (Business Manager)
  • Mrs Tina Carminati (Office Admin/HR & M. Sup)
  • Mrs Pamela Keen (Office Admin/Finance & M. Sup)
  • Miss Kathryn Pipe (Office Admin/Premises & M. Sup)

Midday Supervisors

  • Mrs Ruth Parish
  • Mrs Philippa Gebrekiros
  • Miss Kate Amasova
  • Miss Danielle Smith

Premises Team

  • Mr Gary Bidwell (Site Manager)
  • Mrs Judith Smith
  • Miss Danielle Smith
  • Miss Natalie Ellson-Jones
  • Mr Carl Anderson

Early Years and Playwork

  • Mrs Carol Panther (Manager)
  • Mrs Liz Marsh (Deputy Manager Early Years)
  • Mrs Sue Dean (Deputy Manager Playwork)
  • Miss Abigail Nathan
  • Mrs Melanie Thiem
  • Mr Samuel Seekings


Employee salary information (earning over £100k per annum)

Maintained schools are now required to publish salary information on any employee earning over £100,000 per annum. 

All staff employed directly by the school are paid in accordance with the School Teachers Pay & Conditions Document (STPD) or National Joint Council (NJC) Terms & Conditions (support staff).  All salary levels are determined and reviewed by the Renumeration Committee of the Governing Body.

Please see below the numbers of employees earning over £100,000 per annum:

Remuneration Band (£) Employees Earning over £100k
£100,000+ 0