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Settling In

Starting Preschool at the Early Years Centre is a big step in a child's life, which can be quite daunting. You are welcome to stay with your child for a period of time until you both feel happy about the separation.

Parents and children are welcome to come along for a session before attending booked sessions

We recommend shorter sessions initially, gradually building up to the full morning (9-12) or full day(9-3)

Most children settle quickly and a member of staff will always contact you if there are any problems. Your child's key person will play a significant role in helping your child settle in and will be available to offer you support and advise if needed.

A photograph of your family would be very welcome. This can help with the transition from home to Preschool, looking at and talking about people that are familiar to us


We ask that your child's clothing and other belongings are clearly marked with their name. We have aprons for messy activities, but we ask that your child wears 'play' clothes, or alternatively you may like to purchase Early Years sweatshirts and T-shirts. In the event that your child gets very wet or messy we have a selection of spare clothes, but you may like to provide your child with a set of spare clothes in a named bag. We encourage children to go to the toilet and take off and put on outdoor clothes independently (although assistance is on offer when required), so please avoid dressing your child in clothes with fiddly buttons, etc.

We have a rota in place which has an adult on Personal care duties. They will assist with all toileting and dressing needs as required, as well as reminding on a regular basis throughout the sessions to go to the toilet and to drink water

Snack Time

We provide a healthy snack e.g. fruit, raisins, crackers, etc. with a drink of milk or water at our Snack Bar.  The children are encouraged to wash their hands, make their own decisions about when and what they would like to eat and to help with the preparation of the food. Please let us know if your child has any special dietary requirements. A drink of water is available at all times.