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Remote Learning

Useful links for supporting phonics-

Recognition of phonemes and segmenting and blending

Link to pronunciation of Phase 2 phonemes- Please stop at 40 seconds as this is where phase 2 sounds end.

An example of segmenting and blending using ‘a’- Feel free to watch other videos from letters and sounds to support you and your child with blending.

Alphablocks Stage 1 to support segmenting and blending-

Online games to support and practise segmenting and blending- Please ensure to click phase 2 and revise all phase 2 sounds.

Reception Remote learning activities


Play buried treasure! Put the real words in the treasure chest and the pseudo words in the bin.


Read and Race game 1


Read and Race Game 2


Practise your phase 2 sounds with these flashcards.


Play snakes and ladders to practise segmenting and blending


Look, cover, say, write, check- October half term spellings




Practise subitising. Remember that subitising is recognising how many are there without needing to count!


Can you match the correct numeral to the image?


Practise subitising and writing the number.