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Parent and Carer Information

Please find below, and through the tabs to the right, information which we hope is helpful for your organisation, planning and support for your children.  If you feel there is something missing which you cannot access elsewhere on the website, or you feel would be better placed on this page, do let us know by emailing the office ( 


School Hours


Regular attendance is really important for all our children to support them in all aspects of their development. We aim to work together with Parents, Carers and the Local Authority Attendance Improvement Officer (AIO) to ensure that all children registered at our school attend every day and on time, unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable.  Please click here for our attendance policy to find out more about our attendance procedures.

School Office Hours

The office is manned from 8.30am to 4pm except Wednesday, which is 8.45am to 4pm. However, during the school day, it will not be possible for someone to be 'in the office' or to answer phone calls at all times due to staff tasking priorities e.g. undertaking first aid, supporting unwell children, on a phone call already.  

Please use our telephone answering system to leave a message, or email the office, as the most effective methods of communication with us.  Should you need to update us on changes for 'pick-ups' please do so as early as possible.


We work hard to ensure information is sent out in a timely manner and is as detailed as possible to support our families. All information communication is electronically sent via Bromcom, our management information system, and parents and carers will receive log in details for this during the enrolment process for their children. 

Most information is sent out via our weekly newsletters but on occasion there will be specific emails. Each week's newsletter contains a set of up-and-coming dates for your diary, which is from the website diary dates pages. Each year we set a full calendar of dates, which is sent out to families before the beginning of the new academic year - this is also made available on the website as a pdf.

'Letters' emailed home can be found on the website page called 'Letters home' if they are for the whole school or on specific pages, e.g. the 'phase', 'sports clubs' website pages, if they are sent out to specific groups or for specific reasons. These are also often linked directly in newsletters.

Communication for all parents and carers can always be found on the school website, so please use the search function to help you find what you are looking for.