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Our Curriculum

Swavesey Primary School Aims

Our school aims to develop children who are:

  • happy, healthy and confident
  • ready, independent, life long learners
  • resilient, resourceful and reflective learners
  • responsible, honest global citizens


  • A safe, stimulating and healthy environment
  • Teaching which is inspiring, inclusive and active
  • A broad challenging curriculum
  • Encouraging creativity, individualism and team work
  • Celebration of successes in all aspects of achievement
  • Excellent partnerships with parents, governors and the community


Our curriculum endeavours to develop the whole child with our values and aims, as detailed above, at the heart of our provision.  These are the foundation of our teaching and learning journey.

Whilst we follow the National Curriculum, we complement this with additional learning experiences and opportunities to encourage creativity, individualism and support our children in becoming honest global citizens. Each phase's curriculum coverage can be accessed through topic webs found on each term page for the phase.

As a 'Heritage England' School an understanding of the local area's history, geography and development are fundamental to our curriculum, and we strive to ensure that children not only learn about the village, and surrounding areas, but experience them first hand.  This includes village walks, activities within the local RSPB nature reserve, visiting local farms and churches, as well as being involved in community activities.  Additionally, as important members of the community the children become involved in supporting school initiated activities for the community.  

We are also passionate about the environment and our Eco committee support us in developing our understanding of our impact on this and help us learn about what we can do to help.  The committee are leading us in making changes to our systems to reduce our carbon footprint and lead more sustainable lives. 


The tabs to the right will help you find more specific information for our curriculum and learning in each phase as well as what you can do to support your child at home. In each term's tab you will find a 'topic web' which gives you an overview of the curriculum content being taught in that term.

Below are a range of documents to support your understanding of our curriculum more widely and to support remote/home learning for all children.