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Updates and information from our school council

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  • Cultural Opportunities (Entitlement)

    Published 10/06/24, by Anna-Claire Norden

    The school council has been working with their classes on what the school offers as 'cultural opportunities'.

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  • Pyjama Day to raise funds for our project

    Published 02/02/24, by Anna-Claire Norden

    The votes are in!

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  • Fundraising Ideas

    Published 12/01/24, by Anna-Claire Norden

    We have been busy deciding on possible fundraising ideas.

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  • New Project chosen

    Published 04/12/23, by Anna-Claire Norden

    After discussions in classes and within the council, we now have our next project finalised.

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  • Gathering Project Ideas.

    Published 13/10/23, by Anna-Claire Norden

    Having understood our new role, we have been gathering ideas for new projects from our classes.

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  • Council's first meeting of the year

    Published 15/09/23, by Anna-Claire Norden

    The newly elected school council met for the first time today.

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